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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it really free?
A: All new users which get registered will get 2 years of free membership. During this period users will get almost full features including chat, private messaging, photo upload, audio- and video upload, etc. The only thing that is payable now is sending gifts (100 credits) and promoting yourself to VIP list (500 credits).

Q: What functionality does the site provide to users?
A: Typical Free Membership users can:
a) create their profile
b) add audio- and video-files telling other about themselves in audio and video.
c) send private messages to other users
d) send gifts (credit-based)
e) promote their avatar to VIP list (credit-based)
f) have personal blogs
g) post topics and replies to forums
h) create groups
i) chat in chat-rooms and privately

Q: How many audio, video, and photos can user upload?
A: User can upload 2 audio files (3 Mb limit per file) which will serve as audio-profile. User can tell about him/herself. Also users can upload 1 video file (video profile) with file limit 10 Mb. And users can upload 5 photos (limited by 1600x1600 px).

Q: What kind of audio and video files can I upload?
A: Audio and video support is for users to have audio- and video-profiles and telling users in audio and video about themselves.

Q: How to pay for credits?
A: Currently users can pay for credits via PayPal. Users are not required to have PayPal account and can use their VISA/MASTER cards for payments. If user do not have PayPal account during the checkout click on "continue" at "Don't have a PayPal account?" section and you will go directly to filling your card details. 400 credits cost $10 dollars.

Q: How credits are being used. How to earn them and how to buy them?
A: Credits are user only for sending electronic gifts to other users and for placing users' photos to Hot list (100 credits). All users get some credits for free (for example, users get 50 credit at registration, when they upload avatar (20), when they have everyday activity (10 credits per day), at birthdays (50 credits), when voting in polls (20)., etc.). For referring a friend user gets 100 credits. Users can purchase extra credit by visiting "Subscribe->Buy More Credits".

Q: How speed dating works?
A: The users willing to participate should mark themselves as ‘attending’ in the Calendar page (Events link at the top). During the Speed dating event the members will get randomly connected to each of the event participants, who meet their particular matching criteria (sex, age, location) for a time-limited conversation. Members should be online on the site on the date and time of the speed-dating event. Once the event begins, the notification window will pop-up to inform participants that the Speed dating sessions have started. The member should click OK in the notification window. Important: the event participants must allow pop-ups from your site in the browser settings in order to be able to receive the Speed dating notifications and see the private chat windows.
The system will be connecting the Speed dating event participants for conversation based on their matching criteria. The member will probably need to wait for some time until the system finds them an online match who is not busy having a conversation with another event participant at the moment. Once the match is found, the member will see a private chat window pop-up. Members will be having a private chat for the time period predefined by the site administrator.
As soon as the Speed dating session ends, the session participants will see a pop-up window with a text box. This box is for a member to add notes about the event participant they've just had a chat with.
If a member likes the chat-mate they have just talked to, they can bookmark this noteworthy profile to be able to contact them later.